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  • A) Skip In Store Measuring-Save a Trip ( time and Gas) to the Store with our at Home – at Work – From Anywhere Measurement Requirements for your Suit or Tuxedo from Timpano. By Skipping this step using our proprietary algorithms you can still get a Perfect Fit done in store and save  TIME AND GAS by skipping the  measuring and sizing trip to the store sending us the requested items either via the bride and/or groom or by text to allow us to order your personal suit for the WEDDING YOU ARE IN OR ATTENDING . Its So Easy !

  • B) In Store Suit Fitting & Try on for a Perfect Fit - We then order your suit style that the bride and/ or groom has chosen for the wedding and from your size details and you need only to now come in to try on the suit for that perfect fit saving you a trip by skipping the instore measuring – Please note: if we need to change the suit due to sizing adjustments  – we change it for you at NO COST  and/or mark it for adjustments so no worries needed to ensure a perfect fit -Saving Time and Saving Gas  and Receiving a Worry Free Perfect Fit !

  • C) How to pay- We will send you by email a deposit invoice and a full balance invoice – Click and Pay EITHER the deposit invoice or pay in full option— With the deposit choice the balance is paid prior to pick up and you will receive a new invoice reflecting the deposit paid ------ Its that easy !

D) *Free Gas Card- You will also receive a $20 Gas Card at final suit pick up when you choose the Save Gas- Look Great Program which for only $359.99 includes the following:

  • Jacket

  • Pant

  • Shirt

  • Tie or Bow Tie

  • Black or Brown Belt

  • Funky or Classic Socks

  • Pocket Square

  • $20 Gas Card


705-259-1931 Call or Text *Ask for Details- note all online deposit payments will receive a balance invoice and this is paid prior to pick up of the suit after the final fitting / try on

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